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Return policy

Cases of return:

  • Visual defects: If the package is broken or cracked during transit, please take photos and tell us so that we can issue a return.

  • Goods that do not match the kind or design: If the product does not match the order or image on the website, it will be returned immediately.

  • Insufficient quantity: If you receive less than the confirmed quantity in your order, please tell us immediately so that we can rectify the situation.

  • Significant distinctions: We pledge to flexible returns if the product deviates significantly from quality requirements.

  • Products damaged due to manufacturing faults: Please inform us immediately if the product is damaged due to manufacturing errors.

  • Near expiration date: If the product is nearing its expiration date (less than 20%) at the time of delivery, please contact us so that we can return it (unless otherwise mentioned in the description).


Non-refundable situations:

  • Changes in specifications without notice: If you wish to change the product specifications, please tell us in advance.

  • Natural storage damage after opening the packing: Natural storage damage after opening the packaging will not be returned.

  • Products with limited return or non-return notes: Before purchasing products with limited return, please verify carefully.


Time to inform and ship returned items:

  • Time for return notification: Please notify us within 48 hours after receiving the products.

  • Return location: Returns can be made in-store or via shipping services.

  • Return shipping time: Please return the product within 7 days of receiving notification.


Method and procedure for returning:

  • Step 1: Send a return notice. Please take a photo of the product (to clearly illustrate the problem, as well as the manufacturer/expenditure information on the packaging) and contact us by phone/Zalo, Messenger, email...

  • Step 2: Verify the return. We will contact you again to confirm and clarify the situation in which you must return.

  • Step 3: Return or exchange the item. Returns will be accepted in-store or via shipping services.


Refund policy: We do not offer refunds in all circumstances. For assistance and satisfactory resolution in specific instances, please call 0941 999 148 or email

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