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Understand Nutty...

pick with confidence.

Nutritious. Delicious. Reliable.

This is not just a catchphrase.

These are the values that we intend to bring to our customers.


Agricultural products are wonderful gifts from nature, combining the distinct flavor of each plant type with the good spirit of heaven and earth. Nutty carefully selects ingredients and prepares and processes them with care to preserve as much of nature's subtle flavors as possible.


Food is not only a source of nutrients for life, but it is also the key to maintaining a healthy mind in a healthy body. Nutty promotes health by offering nutritious foods that are wholesome, safe, and well-balanced.



Nutty is a brand that belongs to the food manufacturing company KASH Fine Food. The organization began with the intention of constantly maintaining integrity and kindness, worthy of being a secure and reliable alternative for customers.

What fate created Nutty?

We are fascinated by the mysteries of the world of nutrition nuts on our adventure to learn more about food and health.


Each little nut is a treasure trove of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. These natural jewels are skillfully protected by several shells, which assist to keep the valuable nutrients intact for an extended period of time.


We strolled around shops and supermarkets in numerous large and small cities around the world, visiting agricultural families and wandering into farmlands. These excursions have enabled us to recognize the relevance of nut nutrition for human health and to investigate the market's enormous potential.


A germ of enthusiasm has grown from that powerful source of inspiration...

Pour out our heart...

Beans are a common element in our traditional culinary culture that every housewife is familiar with. Meanwhile, healthful imported nuts and seeds are not commonly known in Vietnam.

With the belief that food plays an essential part in both physical and mental health, we chose to become a connection, bringing tasty and healthy nuts from around the world to Vietnamese customers.


Nutty was founded with the goal of making nutritious nuts, seeds and dried fruits a familiar food that your family can safely consume on a daily basis, therefore contributing to long-term health advantages.

How do we do it?

KASH Fine Food facility was developed in Tan Kim Industrial Park, Long An Province, Vietnam, with a dedication to investing in standard equipment and processes from the start. The factory maintains quality and food hygiene by being HACCP certified and supervised by Frenchcert UK.

We select the highest quality raw materials from indigenous growing areas that have been managed and harvested using suitable techniques and seasons. All commodities are imported through official means.

To make nuts more appealing and easier to eat, we invest in research to create a variety of delectable processed nut products that encourage natural flavor while balancing nutritional content.

We assist clients in obtaining Nutty products through a variety of channels, including online purchases, purchases directly at Nutty counters in large supermarket chains, and purchases through a statewide network of sales sites.

Nutty in your hand

If you're seeking for healthful nuts, cereals, and dried fruits, Nutty can practically meet all of your needs.

Nutty's products range from raw unprocessed nuts to naturally roasted/baked without spices, and even delicate mixtures of nuts with fruit to make Trailmix, or flavored according to particular formulas...

Nutty offers not just standard product lines, but also economical lines with reduced packaging and lower pricing.

Shop with confidence.

Life is full of anxieties. One of the most pressing considerations is selecting safe and healthful food. Nutty is a reliable site where you can shop with confidence.

Commitment to quality

Nutty is dedicated to maintaining an efficient and constantly improving quality management system.


HACCP, raw material and finished product quality inspection methods, and food hygiene and safety control regulations are all taken seriously in practice.

A wide assortment of goods

Nutty's product portfolio includes a "world" of nutritious nuts and seeds, cereals, dried fruits... both imported and domestically manufactured.

This portfolio will continue to grow as a result of the hunt for new raw materials and research operations to produce new products in order to fully meet the different needs of consumers.

Fair price

Nutty products are reasonably priced and appropriately reflect their worth. Nutty is continually striving to give long-term value, maintain high quality standards, and meet daily needs.

Additionally, the Nutty's Buddy loyalty program provides customers with real benefits.

Purchase with ease

You can order things directly from this official website or by contact means such as calling, texting via Zalo (0947 465 019), or Facebook, and we will deliver to your door.

Visit Nutty stores or booths located in most major supermarket chains across the country if you want to personally experience and choose items.

Convenience and speed

When you shop at, you can pay using an e-wallet, a domestic card, an international card, Paypal, a bank transfer, or cash on delivery (COD).


We are committed to providing careful packaging and on-time delivery via a network of qualified logistics partners.

Compassion and understanding 

Nutty values the consumer experience. We are committed to continually enhancing service quality standards based on professionalism, integrity, and respect.

If you are dissatisfied with the product, service, or delivery, please contact us right away so Nutty can listen and handle all issues satisfactorily.

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